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Shemen Amour

The ideology and the development strategy adopted by the Shemen Amour company are implemented in the multivariate approach to designing and manufacturing the products.
On the one hand, the company’s products have a pronounced therapeutic effect, which requires thorough, long-term preliminary clinical studies. On the other hand, the whole range of products is cosmetics-oriented, which implies the necessity of maximum control at all stages of development and production and compliance with the highest international quality standards. The great diversity of cosmetic and therapeutic products includes such remarkable and high-quality series as deodorants, moisturizers, shampoos, and also the natural healing mud of the Dead Sea.
Even if you have already tried and grown fond of the Shemen Amour products, the company will never cease to amaze you. Being constantly engaged in the development of new perfect products, Shemen Amour will offer to you the best solutions for your skin and hair type, your age, and the rhythm of your life. Using natural ingredients with proven therapeutic and cosmetic effect, Shemen Amour invites you to enjoy its wonderful skin-care products, which fill every cell of your body with energy of life and youth.

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