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Care & Beauty

"Care & Beauty" is one of the most widely presented and most popular brands in Israel, producing cosmetics based on the Dead Sea minerals. The key to the company’s success lies in its credo: "Value for Money", which obliges the company to strive for the highest quality and provide it for reasonable price. The company considers the customers’ confidence in "Care & Beauty" products as main indicator of its success and as its highest esteem The "Care & Beauty" line counts more than 100 cosmetic and dermatological products intended for facial and body skin care. It also manufactures a wide range of products for hair care, tanning oils and creams, which ensure high degree of protection from sunlight, and goods for men. Each product of "Care & Beauty" includes more than 25 minerals of the Dead Sea and is enriched with a complex of essential vitamins, natural plant extracts, and oils. The company pursues the goal to give its customers the opportunity of choosing the product that suits the individual features of their skin, hair, or lifestyle. To ensure the highest quality of the products, all their components are subject to thorough and close control prior to and during the production process, as well as before shipping to customers. The products have the quality certificates of the State of Israel and of its Ministry of Health. "Care & Beauty" does not conduct experiments on animals. Now you do not need to travel to the Dead Sea to acquire beautiful and healthy skin. "Care & Beauty" will bring a bit of the Dead Sea right to your home!


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