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DSM - Dead Sea Minerals

Located in the lowest place on Earth, the Dead Sea was widely known for its healing properties as early as in the days of prophet Eliyahu. Dense mineral deposits, accumulated during millions of years of geological history and hidden in the sea depths, make the sea a unique natural miracle. The concentration of mineral salts in the Dead Sea water and the mineral diversity are richer than those in any other known natural mineral source. Salt and mud deposits of the Dead Sea contain a large number of medicinal minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and many others.
Since ancient times, the glory of the Dead Sea as a unique source of health and beauty has attracted millions of people from all over the world, those who seek to make their skin healthy and rejuvenated. The "DSM" product line, created by the scientists of "Mon Platin", is designed for all those who understand and appreciate the role of natural components in taking comprehensive care of their skin.
The "DSM" products were developed on the basis of unique formulas, which include the healing mud and minerals of the Dead Sea combined with natural bioactive plant components and the latest scientific developments in the field of dermatology and cosmetology. The "DSM" line shows pronounced therapeutic and cosmetic effects due to the wonderful gifts of nature that constitute the basis of the products:
 •   extracts of natural plants, such as aloe Vera, chamomile and others, which constitute a complex of active ingredients which slow down skin-aging processes;
 •   hive products, such as propolis (bee-glue), honey, and royal jelly, which have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties;
 •   natural essential oils of lemon, rose, jasmine, lavender, etc., whose pronounced antiseptic, antibacterial, and lifting effects are widely known;
 •   vegetable oils (avocado, olive, carrot, jojoba, rose hip), which are active antioxidants and excellent nourishing and moisturizing agents.
Due to the integrated combination of the above-listed natural herbal ingredients and the Dead Sea minerals, the DSM cosmetics line of “Mon Platin” provides the maximum and the most effective skin care, slows down the aging processes, and produces a significant rejuvenating effect.
The "DSM" products have been awarded numerous international prizes and are being successfully sold in 33 countries. They are ecologically friendly, meet the highest international quality standards, and are not tested on animals.
The "DSM" cosmetic is your right choice!

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