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SPA Pharma

Spa Pharma is a new, unique and exclusive Israeli cosmetics brand. The Spa Pharma line, developed on the basis of innovative technologies, is a series of high-quality products for face and body skin care, enriched with natural healing minerals of the Dead Sea.
The Dead Sea is famous for being an amazing natural source of healing salts and minerals, their concentration in the water exceeding 30%. The mineral composition of the Dead Sea salts and mud is unique in its therapeutic effect on the skin and on the human body as a whole. Numerous scientific and clinical tests have proved that the Dead Sea minerals improve cell metabolism, stimulate the recovery and renewal of skin cells, slow down aging process, effectively clean the skin, and help to heal small wounds, fractures, and inflammations. Besides, the spa treatment that includes the Dead Sea minerals soothes rheumatic pains, treats metabolic disorders, and stimulates blood circulation.
Taking care of your skin to maintain its ultimate health is declared by the Spa Pharma company to be its main priority. Since the company was founded, its main efforts and research have been aimed at creating unique cosmetic products for skin care. The Spa Pharma products contain all the variety of the Dead Sea minerals, including:
  1.  Sodium, which helps to remove dead cells from the skin surface, thereby improving its permeability, moisturizing, and elasticity;
  2.  Magnesium, an essential mineral, which stimulates the metabolism in skin cells;
  3.  Calcium, which strengthens the cell membranes and cleanses the pores of skin.
In addition to the Dead Sea minerals, the Spa Pharma cosmetics contains natural oils, vitamins, and extracts of healing herbs, which make your skin young and beautiful. Scientific studies have shown that the effectiveness of Spa Pharma cosmetic ingredients is about 80% as compared to the 25-30% effectiveness of conventional cosmetics. Spa Pharma products consist only of natural ingredients and do not contain parabens or any harmful preservatives. Spa Pharma cosmetics is adapted to different skin types and to a wide range of potential dermatological problems.
The combination of amazing gifts of nature with modern technologies, implemented in the Spa Pharma products, gives wonderful, long-lasting results of the skin-care.

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