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Affiliate Program 
We suggest special prices and conditions for merchant who is interesting to advance our website by one of the following ways:

Join us today and earn money by marketing one of the web's most internationally recognized Dead Sea Products!

The more successful your marketing efforts, the more you get paid.

Promote our site such as any of our leading Dead Sea products.

There are many ways to promote our products through channels other than your own website. Here are some ideas:

- Email. If you own a list of customers who have agreed to receive promotional emails, you can email them about any of our products, generating even more revenue for your business. DO NOT SPAM.

- Newsletters. Include our products in periodic newsletters to your customers to attract more customers and increase revenue.

- Offline Advertising. Distributing flyers and business cards are great ways to market our products.

- Online Advertising. Buy ad space for banner ads and pop-ups on hot destination sites in your markets. We have a lot of free banner ads in a variety of styles for you to use.

We suggest specially low prices for wholesalers.

Try cosmetic product samples and makeup freebies of foundation

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